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Desert Hills IV


Board Meeting Minutes
October 19, 2018

Call to order: Phyllis A. Buchanan called the meeting to order at 3:04 P.M.

Attendance: Phyllis Buchanan, Larry Bivins, Jan Weatherbee, Betty Thomson, and Ann Brooks. Absent: Rob Bybee and Ron Wessels. Number of Community members 5

Approval of Agenda: Phyllis Buchanan made a motion to accept the October 19, 2018 Green Valley Desert Hills No. 4, Inc. Agenda. Seconded Jan Weatherbee. 5 Yes 0 No. Motion Carried.

Community Comments:

Homeowner from 1523 West Plata was concerned about the number of weeds in common area. This will be discussed under “Maintenance” report.

Reading of the Regular Board Meeting Minutes April 20, 2018: Betty Thomson made a motion to accept the April 20, 2018 Minutes as written. Seconded Phyllis Buchanan. 5 Yes 0 No. Motion Carried.

Treasurer’s Report – Jan Weatherbee
Green Valley Desert Hills No. 4, Inc.
Regular Board Meeting October 19, 2018
Treasurer’s Report April thru September 2018

Assessment Income of $28.80 was charged to homeowners who have not paid their dues.
Interest Income of $874.22 was received from BMO Harris Bank.
Disclosure Fee Income was $3,315.00 from the sale of 17 homes.

$18,400 was charged to Contract Maintenance for landscaping services for April through September.
$2,330.00 was charged for Annual Premium for Liability Insurance.
$133.62 was charged for mailing 15 New Owner Packets.
$85.04 was charged to Office Supplies for printer cartridges and envelopes.
$20.10 was charged to postage for mailing three letters to homeowners.

Accounts Receivable: The balance of $912.39 includes one homeowner who has not paid their dues and/or late fees. This property is now for sale and should clear 717.39 through escrow. One Disclosure fee was not paid when the title was transferred on a home that sold at auction.

Accounts Payable
$17.76 for two new owner packets sent to new homeowners.
$250.00 to Bill’s Home Service for bee removal on common ground.
$13.40 for three letters mailed to homeowners.
The total of $281.16 was paid in October.

$189.19 was paid for rocks and $104.00 was paid to spray herbicide on common ground.

Trees and Shrubs
$250.00 was charged for bee removal on common ground.

In addition, CD’s came due in August, September and October. These CDs total $104K. All were renewed for 18 months at the rate of 2.5%. If a shorter period were chosen for renewal, the rate would be .5%. The next CDs are in January 2019 and April 2019. Presently these CDs total $64K.

Jan Weatherbee

Betty Thomson made a motion to accept the April-September, 2018 Financial Report, Balance Sheets and Profit and Loss Statements provided for approval. Seconded by Phyllis Buchanan. 5 Yes 0 No. Motion Carried.

Committee Reports:

Green Valley Desert Hills No. 4, Inc.
Maintenance Meeting
October 17, 2018 3 p.m.

Attendance: Ann Brooks, chairperson, Bill Hammond and Phyllis Buchanan members and Val of Val’s Landscaping.

For the next four weeks Val’s Landscaping crew will be working in the following areas:

October 24, 2018:
Val’s men will be continuing to work on Area 3 which includes the back of Plata from1477 to 1579. This comprises the endcap along Mercado between Plata and Mirasol, all alley ways, and the large common ground between 1535 and 1551 Plata.

October 31, 2018:
The crew will finish area 3 and work on all of area 12. Comprising the endcap next to 1648 Mirasol, all alleys ways, and area from 1600 to 1648 on the North side of Mirasol and the back along Desert Hills 5.

November 7, 2018:
Val’s men will start Area 5. Included in this area is the large common areas between 1525 and 1547, 1577 and 1609, 1633 and 1647. The end cap at 1647 Mirasol, all alley ways and the back of the hillside facing Placita Travis. The Palo Verde Tree between 1577 and 1609 and a second tree between 1547 and 1525 will be trimmed. The Maintenance Committee is also recommending that the Mesquite Tree along the stairway on Travis be cut down. Val reported that he needed to examine the tree, but he did give us an estimate between $400 and $500. If we have the money in Trees and Shrubs now we will schedule the cutting sometime in November. If not, then we will wait until January or February of next year.

November 14, 2018:
The crew will finish Area 5 and start Area 4. Area 4 includes endcaps along Mercado between Roma and Mirasol, large common area from 1445 to 1525 Mirasol and 1430 to 1480 Roma, and all alley ways.

The Maintenance Committee is also recommending that Val spray for weeds two times a year instead of one. He stated that the area should be sprayed as soon as the weeds are green. For example, if he sprays the beginning to July then the second spray would occur the beginning of August. In other words, the second spray would be one month after he sprays the first time. Phyllis requested that Val submits two contracts: one which includes one spray and the other with two sprays. He estimated an additional cost to be around $450. Val’s recommendation and contract will be submitted to the Board at our November meeting.

Submitted by Ann Brooks, Maintenance Chairperson

Larry Bivins made a motion to accept the October 19, 2018 Maintenance Report. Seconded Jan Weatherbee. 5 Yes 0 No. Motion Carried.

Beautification: Ann Brooks

Green Valley Desert Hills No. 4, Inc.
Beautification Meeting
October 17, 2018 3 p.m.

The Beautification Committee would like to let the Board and Community know that Ann Brooks and Bill Hammond completed an extremely difficult project this summer to rebuild the spillway behind the North end of Jarrito. They worked 3 to 4 hours twice a week for over two months to complete the project. They widened and dug the spillway so that the water would have a better flow to the corner of Jarrito and Mercado. The area on the corner was also made wider and deepened. Larger rocks were put on the banks of both sides of the spillway to prevent javalinas from knocking them down into the spillway. This was an extensive and hard job for both Ann and Bill to do. Phyllis Buchanan, the Board, and the community owe them a great THANK YOU for trying to improving our community to prevent flooding into the patios of the homes along Jarrito.

As for projects this 2018-19 season the committee have decided to complete the following three projects.
1. Paint and purchase two or three pieces of art to put on the wall at the end of Roma near Retorno de Anza.
2. To purchase a new bench which will be placed near Area 8 and to beautify the area.
3. The island at the end of Roma and Retorno de Anza will be cleaned up. A large rock found on Kino was moved by our landscaper Val and placed at the end of Island during the summer months. A big thank you to Val for moving this large rock for free.

The Beautification Committee is recommending to the Budget Committee that no funds be added to our reserve account for 2019. The committee does not have expensive projects for this year and what is in the account should be sufficient for its expenditures. Also, our volunteers have dwindled to three members so our projects have been limited to the scope and size and amount that we can tackle. We suggest that any money that would be added to our reserve be put into the Streets Reserve.

Submitted by Ann Brooks, Maintenance Chairperson and reported by Phyllis Buchanan, President

Larry Bivins made a motion to accept the October 19, 2018 Beautification Report. Seconded by Betty Thomson. 5 Yes 0 No. Motion Carried.

Architectural: Phyllis Buchanan

Green Valley Desert Hills No. 4, Inc.
Regular Board Meeting October 19, 2018
Architectual Report April thru October 19, 2018

36 Weed letters were either e-mailed or mailed –
further discussion of weed letters to be under New Business
29 Home inspections
5 Architectual Change Requests:
1. Construction of a Garage
2. Roof Repairs
3. Replacement of shed doors
4. 4 Paint Request
5. Satellite Dish Request
3 Violation letters
1. Installation of a metal Gazebo beyond the farthest allowable extension extending a back wall which obstructed views. Violation was corrected
2. Painting a non-approved exterior color of a garage. Violation was corrected
3. Painting of a non-approved exterior trim color on a car-port. Violation not corrected. Further action to be taken.
4. Complaint by Owner on Plata for high weeds and shrubs. Daughter was contacted and will get resolved.

Phyllis Buchanan made a motion to accept the October 19, 2018 Architectural Report as amended from April thru October 19, 2018. Seconded Jan Weatherbee. 5 Yes 0 No. Motion Carried.

GVC Representative: Paul Weatherbee-Information only

Green Valley Council
Monthly Meeting Report
October 18, 2018 Meeting

1. The Santa Cruz Valley Regional Hospital is having a Community Open House on Tuesday, October 23 from 4-6 p.m. There will be tours, food and refreshments, tables from organizations from the outbuilding and physicians. All are welcome to attend.
2. Pickleball- Gina Rowsam member of GVR Pickleball Club gave a lengthy report on the history and growth of Pickleball both in Green Valley and the Nation. Pickleball is a cross between tennis, ping pong and badminton. It is played with a paddle and plastic ball on a surface roughly a ¼ size of a tennis court. The game has less running and slower ball speeds than tennis. According to The Sports Fitness International Association there were 2.5 million players in 2015-2016. In 2010 there were 100,000. Today there are many more.
The economic impact of pickleball is substantial. 50% of players coming from out of town and spending approximately $139 a day for food, lodging and retail is substantial for communities. Tournaments typically run 3-4 days with up to 400 participants. In 2017 USAPA National tournament held in Casa Grande, AZ had 1,200 participants and this year’s tournament in Palm Springs, CA estimate they will have 2,000 participants.
The GVR Pickleball club is being asked to pay 1/3 or $500,000 of the construction costs for the new pickleball facility which is considerably higher than other clubs pay which is usually 10% of the costs.
On Friday, October 26, 2018 at 9:30 a.m. at Santa Rita Recreation Center the GVR Foundation is hosting a forum to raise $1,000,000 for the new pickleball facility. All are welcome to attend.
3. Susanne Blodgett President of Median Green was awarded the Stan Riddle GVC Award. She stated their mission is to replant and beautify the public medians in Green Valley. Through grants, sponsorships, fashion show, and donations Median Green has collected $500,000 which was used to replant 75 medians in Green Valley. Ms. Blodgett will be resigning at the end of the year. She did assure us that the next fashion show will take place the third Wednesday of February at Quail Creek. GVC Foundation will take over management of Median Green and the Fashion Show once Susanne has left her position.
4. GVC has installed a new security computer system. A report of the new system was given by Acacia IT Representative, Greg Durnan.

Budget: The budget is higher than last year, but some expenses have gone down and revenue has increased to the point that an increase of dues may not be necessary. The budget will be voted on next meeting.

Dust from Freeport-McMoRan Mine Tailings: If anyone needs help or wants to be reimbursed for damage from the dust from the mine you may call 520-393-4426. Also, you may go to the GVC office and fill out a reimbursement form and they will send it directly to Freeport.

White Elephant Shuttle: GVC will also be providing a shuttle service for the White Elephant Parade. You may park at the West Center and call 520-444-6760 for use of the shuttle.

Proposal #463: Finally, Don Weaver asked for continued support of proposal #463. A proposal to authorize the county to sell $430 million in general obligation bonds to fund reconstruction, preservation and repair of existing public roads across the region. Phyllis Buchanan has a flyer describing the issue further. If you would like a copy, call her at 399-1508.

Submitted by Phyllis Buchanan for Paul Weatherbee

Neighborhood Watch: Betty Thomson-Information only
Betty needs a new Captain for Plata but otherwise no report.

Social: Betty Thomson-Information only
The Pot Luck will be on Monday January 21, 2019 starting at 5 P.M.
The Happy Hour will be on Monday March 18, 2019 starting at 5 P.M.
Flyers will be distributed by the Block Captains.

Newsletter: Jan Weatherbee-Information only
Next Newsletter information needs to be sent to Jan by Mid-November. Newsletters will be sent end of November.

CC & R’s: No Report-Information only

Street Paving: To be discussed under Old Business -information only.

Trash: To be discussed under New Business-information only

Old Business:
Discussion Maintenance of our Roads: Information only

Green Valley Desert Hills No. 4, Inc.
Street Maintenance Meeting
May 1, 2018 2 p.m.

Attendance: Larry Bivins, Robert Bybee, Phyllis Buchanan and Robert Lane (Pima County Road Consultant.

This meeting was held to discuss the conditions of our roads, after a bid was secured from Bates Paving. According to Bates they felt we should start the process of Asphalt Pulverization of 20% of our roads. The process would be to pulverize existing asphalt payment and then pave this area with a prepared hot mix asphalt. For the remaining 80% they recommended Asphalt Preservation which consist of crack sealing and seal coating. The committee felt it had at least another 20 years of crack sealing and seal coating and was taken by surprise of this bid. As a result, Phyllis Buchanan contacted Robert Lane, Pima County Road Consultant to come and reevaluate our situation.

All of our roads were inspected and the results were:
1. Jarrito, Plata, Roma and Kino were rated- fair
2. Helada, Tirol, Travis and Mirasol were rated fair to poor

Mr. Lane said if we did nothing our roads would last 10 years before a total replacement. If we did crack sealing and seal coating, we would have 15 years before replacement. He also recommended that we do not wait the 10 years before we do anything, because any money spent now would help to preserve our roads.

When asked what should be included in our formal bid, Mr. Lane suggested we use the bid that we received from Bates in March and use it as a guide. He also suggested that if we decided to do some pulverization we should ask for a price for 20%, 30%, 40% and 50% to see what would be more cost effective for us and to how much we would have to budget.

The committee will meet in the fall to revisit the situation.

Submitted by Phyllis Buchanan, committee member

Next Tuesday, October 23, 2018 Larry Bivins and Phyllis Buchanan will be attending a Street Maintenance meeting put on by GVC at the Desert Hills Social Center. This meeting will give the committee further information on street maintenance.

Report on Canoa Hills Golf Course: Information only

Phyllis Buchanan attended a Park Advisory Meeting on Wednesday October 17, 2018 at GVC. The meeting was led by Thao Tiedt, Park advisory Chairperson and First Vice President GVC. Laurie Lundeen, Keith Skytta, Pam Weston and Rge Kahrimanis were also in attendance.

Ms. Tiedt reported that as of the 17th the park has not transferred to the County due to some easement issue yet to be resolved between the County and Mr. North. There are a couple of issues between North and some abutting HOA’s. However, most of these issues are almost solved and should be signed in the near future.

Some work has begun on the golf course: cutting grass on either side of the golf paths, trees are being trimmed, culverts are being fixed. In other words, safety issues are being addressed.

The County has not completed its masterplan, but wants GVC and Community to have input in its design.

Friends of the Park has been established and is headed by Gil Lust who was a National Park Service Director. They will be doing work and things that the County will not do, but will eventually be assigned to the Friends by the County.

On November 7, 2018 at 1 p.m. GVC and Susan Shields, Pima County Director of Flood Control, will be conducting a meeting at Canoa Hills Recreation Center. This meeting is for all homeowners who abut the Golf Course. Theo encourages DH4 to invite their homeowners to attend. It is not open to the general public as the Park Agreement is and will probably not be signed by then. There will be cards for our homeowners to fill out with questions they may have. Gil Lust will make a presentation for Friends of the Park. Susan Shield will then discuss some of the things that are now being done on the golf course.

What will the name of the park be? Thao stated that the County wants the community to name the park. However, there is no real procedure in place to do so as yet. Thao will have a further discussion with Susan Fields on naming the park in the near future.

Thao talked about parking. The County plans a parking area on the driving range on Camino del Sol. They plan on providing 20 parking spaces there and a restroom facility may be built there at some time but not immediately. Keith Skytta felt that Thao needs to tell the county that 20 spaces are not enough and they should come up with a better plan. His association abuts 3 holes of the course and they feel that if there are not enough parking spaces people will park on their streets. They plan on putting up no parking signs near the three holes and if anyone violates this they will be towed at there own expense. Thao suggested that Keith bring this up at the Nov. 7 meeting.

The Park Advisory Committee will become part a Service Request Committee to be held in Tucson. The purpose of this committee is to hear requests for service from Green Valley residents if they have a request for repair of any problem on park property, such as a problem with the golf cart path. It will meet the first Tuesday of each month and will be held in Tucson. Final details are forthcoming.

The most important information given to us today, is that the County wants to turn the area back to the natural look of this area before the golf course was built. There will be one 8-foot-wide continuous golf path designed for walkers, and bicyclist. No motor vehicles allowed. It will be open from dawn to dust. There may be several small pavilions for picnics but no grills will be allowed. This is a plan in action and that is why people from the abutting golf courses should attend.

Report on new signage: Information only

This Spring Bob Bybee, Ann Brooks and Phyllis Buchanan put the following signs through out the community. 4 No Soliciting signs, many clean up after your pets and 10 guest parking signs only. Thank you all for your hard work. Phyllis Buchanan at the November meeting will be recommending the purchase of several more guest parking signs and clean up after your pets.

Report on Room Reservations for 2019: Information only

2019 Meeting and Social Dates

Meeting dates and times
Room Day Date Start Time End Time

Room B Friday-Annual Mtg.
Friday-Regular Board Meeting 02/15/19

02/15/19 9:00 a.m.

11:00 a.m. 11:00 a.m.

12:30 p.m.
Room A Friday-Regular Board Mtg. 03/15/19 3:00 p.m. 5:00 p.m.
Room A Friday-Regular Board Mtg. 04/19/19 3:00 p.m. 5:00 p.m.
Room A Friday-Regular Board Mtg. 10/18/19 3:00 p.m. 5:00 p.m.
Room A Friday-Regular Board Mtg. 11/15/19 3:00 p.m. 5:00 p.m.

Social dates and times:
Room Day Date Start Time End Time
Pot Luck Monday Monday 1/21/19 5:00 p.m. 8:00 p.m.
Auditorium- Happy Hour Monday Monday 3/18/19
5:00 p.m. 8:00 p.m.

Report on Account with Bills Home Service: Information only

Due to two bee incidents one last spring and one in September, the Association opened an account with Bills Home Service to deal with our bee and any other pest control problem that may arise. We will only be billed by Bills Home Service when a problem occurs and Bills has to act. There is no other cost to the Association.

New Business:

Acceptance of Resignation of Robert Bybee as a Board Member

Thu 6/14, 4:01 PM
Due to the forthcoming sale of my townhouse, 1572 W Via del Jarrito, I will no longer be eligible to retain a position on the board.
I do have in my possession some equipment and materials belonging to DH 4. We can work out the details of return at a later date. Most of you are not in area (I am not presently either). I will write a formal letter for your files when I return later in the month. This FYI.
There are some Architectural committee items in the works and I will continue to deal with them until the closing in July when I will no longer be eligible.

Bob Bybee

Dave Bourgeois a homeowner on Jarrito would consider thinking about accepting a nomination. Phyllis Buchanan will contact him to see if he will accept.

Motion to accept Bob Bybee’s letter of resignation was made by Larry Bivins, Seconded by Ann Brooks. 5 Yes 0 No. Motion Carried.

The President wanted to thank Bob for his hard work and dedication to the board. She also would like to invite him to our annual meeting to present him with a certificate. Phyllis Buchanan also stated she wanted to nominate and have a vote for Bob’s replacement at our November meeting. She also asked for names who may be interested in taking over the reminder of Bob’s term of office.

Discussion of tree problems with Desert Hills 3 West-Information only

On Friday October 12, 2018 Phyllis Buchanan, President received a phone call from the Pima County Sheriff’s Department telling her that the President of Desert Hill 3 West was accusing our association of hiring a landscaper to cut down a tree on Retorno de Anza and Tolteca which was taken down on September 13. The deputy assured her that he was not going to seek criminal charges against the Association because there was no proof of our involvement. However, I was told that the President was going to sue the association to seek damages for 8-9 trees that have been tampered with.

The President wants our homeowners to know that there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING that our Board can do to force Desert Hills 3 West to have their trees cut down and/or trimmed. The Board has tried to get GVC involved by setting up mediation between the two of us, but Desert Hills 3 West refuses. We cannot demand any Association to do anything they do not want to do, because we have no jurisdiction over any Association other than ours.

The Board also wants our homeowners to know that we do not condone any homeowner in taking matters on their own. If it is found that one of our individual homeowners has done this, the Board will not defend you. You will be facing civil and criminal charges on your own. If the Board is sued, the whole community will suffer and not just the Board, because we will have to hire an attorney to defend ourselves which will cause a considerable increase in our Association dues. More importantly our property values could decrease, because of the bad publicity.

New Contact Person Waste Management-Information only

Autumn Anavitarte has been appointed our Waste Management HOA Account Manager. She has over 11 years of experience with the company.
In order to provide our Association, with the best service possible, Waste Management has established a Premier Support Team which is dedicated to our board. The support team consists of 3 dedicated team members who are very familiar with our HOA needs, including the sense of urgency needed to respond to the homeowners if they have problems. If any homeowner has a problem, they are to e-mail this team directly at If one does not have a computer, you may contact the President, Phyllis Buchanan, and she will forward your issue to the team. Autumn also provided us with Waste Management’s address:
Waste Management
222 S. Mill Avenue Suite33
Tempe AZ 85281

Weeds and weeds letter-Information Only

As mentioned above Phyllis Buchanan mailed or e-mailed 36 weeds letters to homeowners who needed to clean their yards. She said she will not apologize for sending the letters, but she will apologize for leaving out a disclaimer stating that: “If you have already taken care of the problem please disregard this letter.” There should have been a phone number on the letter and it should have been her cell phone number. Finally, she should have not mentioned that she would talk to Val our landscaper. She should have just given his number for them to call.

Ann Brooks left the meeting at 4:30 P.M. due to another commitment.

Schedule date for Nomination Committee
Nominating Committee is scheduled for November 8, 2017 at 9 A.M. at Phyllis Buchanan’s home. Members include Ann Brooks, Kathy Booth, Phyllis Buchanan and Ron Wessels.

Schedule date for Budget Committee Meeting
Budget Committee is scheduled for November 7, 2018 (time to be determined) at Jan Weatherbee’s home. Members include Jan Weatherbee Larry Gass, Betty Thomson and Kathy Booth.

Other: NONE

Reminder: Next Regular Board Meeting November 16, 2018 @ 3p.m. at Desert Hills Social Center Room A


Phyllis Buchanan made a motion to adjourn the Green Valley Desert Hills No. 4, Inc October 19, 2018 meeting. at 4:30 pm in Room A. Seconded by Jan Weatherbee. 4 Yes 0 No. Motion Carried.